About the event:

International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2022 will be held on August in Moscow, Russia under sponsorship of Radiocomp LLC. The seminar will be an open forum for leading RF/microwave companies for discussing industry trends.

The main areas of the seminar:

  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Low noise microwave oscillators
  • Components and functional modules
  • Test-and-measurement methods and instruments

Within the seminar exhibition exposition is organized:

  • The workshop exhibition will be held to present various microwave components and test-and-measurement instruments of RF/microwave industry leading providers including Keysight Technologies, Rohde and Swartz, Planar and Signalhound.
  • Microwave filters and other components of the LLC "Radiocomp" company


Steering Committee

  • Kochemasov V.N, Co-chair, Ph.D., General Director, Radiocomp LLC, Moscow
  • Chenakin A.V, Co-chair, Ph.D., Director of R&D, Anritsu Company, Morgan Hill, CA, USA
  • Pestryakov A.V, Sc.D., Prof., Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Moscow
  • Kuleshov V.N., Sc.D., Prof., National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow
  • Aristarhov G.M., Sc.D., Prof., Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Moscow
  • Stroganova E.P., Sc.D., Prof., Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Moscow
  • Khasianova E.R., steering committee secretary, Radiocomp LLC, Moscow


 Moscow, Russia, Volgogradskiy prospect, 42, SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow” Congress Center

equipment of the site

Secure parking



Technical program

Frequency Synthesizers

  • “Development trends for microwave frequency synthesizers”
    Chenakin, A.V., Anritsu Company, Morgan Hill, CA, USA
  • “Modern synthesizers for vector network analyzers”
    Zaostrovnyh, S.A., Planar LLC, Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • “DDS-based direct analogue synthesizers using output frequency coverage spreading”
    Barinov D.A., “Almaz-Fazotron”, Saratov, Russia
  • “Direct synthesis techniques in the light of evolving technologies”
    Beltchikov S.A., Trisynt Technology Inc., Wilmington, DE, USA
  • “Low phase noise, fast-switching synthesizer based on a 20 GHz VCO”
    Golubkov A.V., Golubkov V.G., Kashenko I.I., Radiocomp LLC, Moscow

Low noise microwave oscillators

  • “Using non-shielded dielectric resonators in oscillators”
    Gevorkyan V.M., National research university “MPEI”, Moscow, Kochemasov V.N., Radiocomp LLC, Moscow, Russia
  • “A high-reliability, low-noise, microwave SAW oscillator”
    Loyko V.A., Dobrovolsky A.A., “Almaz-Fazotron”, Saratov, Russia
  • “Ultra low-noise microwave signal generation using optical femtosecond frequency synthesizers”
    Zagorulko K.A., “VNIIFTRI”, Mendeleevo, Moscow region, Russia
  • “Precision, low phase noise, oven-controlled crystal oscillators as reference sources for modern synthesizers”
    Kotiukov A.V., Morion Inc., St. Petersburg, Russia

Components and functional modules

  • “The results of the creation of domestic monolithic integrated circuits on gallium nitride for the millimeter wavelength range”
    Maltsev P.P., D.Sc., ISVCHPE RAS, Moscow, Russia
  • “Modern acoustoelectronics: status and development trends”
    Mashinin O.V., Butis LLC, Moscow, Shamiryan D.G., Mapper LLC, Moscow, Russia
  • “Building high-selectivity filters using structures with limited number of resonators”
    Aristarhov G.M., Moscow technical university of communications and informatics”, Moscow, Russia
  • “Modern methods to increase selectivity of microwave bandpass filters”
    Alexanyan A.A., Kuvshinov V.V., Semernya R.E., Radiocomp LLC, Moscow, Russia
  • “Miniature microwave filters”
    Talalalevsky L.B., AVX, Jerusalem, Israel

Test-and-measurement methods and instruments

  • “Using External Circuits for Measuring Phase Noise on the R&S®FSWP Analyzers”
    Rumyantsev K.V., Rohde & Swartz, Moscow, Russia
  • “Modern methods for phase noise measurements of highly stable signal sources”
    Kalinin O.N., Keysight Technologies, Moscow, Russia
  • “New methods and future trends in spectrum analysis”
    Matveev Yu.A., Saint Petersburg polytechnic university, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • “A compact spectrum analyzer”
    Golubkov A.V., Radiocomp LLC, Moscow, Russia, Devine B., Signal Hound, Battle Ground, WA, USA
  • “A low-cost amplitude and phase noise analyzer”
    Veryutin A.V., “Almaz”, Moscow, Russia


Participation fee and registration conditions


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